Memory components are used in any electronics assembly that includes computer processing technology. These types of components are found on any computer or processor-based PCB assembly.

Memory components are classified as either volatile or non-volatile. The former erases data when the computer is shut off, while the latter stores data even after a system shuts off. Random-access memory (RAM) components are volatile, including static RAM (SRAM), and dynamic RAM (DRAM). Non-volatile memory includes EPROM, EEPROM, and flash memory.

When selecting a memory component, consider data capacity, speed performance, power consumption, and compatibility with interfaces like SPI or I2C.

Subcategories of Memory

SRAMs (535,958)
Flash Memories (310,871)
DRAMs (264,378)
EEPROMs (143,712)
FIFOs (71,114)
Other Memory ICs (56,097)
OTP ROMs (37,791)
EPROMs (21,597)
MASK ROMs (9,990)
PROMs (39)

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