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Manufacturer Part Number: sst26vf064beui104ism

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Microchip Technology Inc
$4.5143 Yes Active 67.1089 Mbit 1 64MX1 104 MHz FLASH 100 100000 Write/Erase Cycles 1 1 64000000 67.1089 M SYNCHRONOUS 3-STATE SERIAL SPI 45 mA 25 µA 3.6 V 2.7 V CMOS INDUSTRIAL NOR TYPE HARDWARE/SOFTWARE R-PDSO-G8 85 °C -40 °C TS 16949 8 PLASTIC/EPOXY SOP SOP8,.3 RECTANGULAR SMALL OUTLINE YES GULL WING 1.27 mm DUAL 2.03 mm 5.26 mm 5.25 mm MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC SOIJ-8 compliant 3A991.B.1.A 8542.32.00.51