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Manufacturer Part Number: stm32f103vct6tr

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Part Number Composite Price
Part Life Cycle Code
Bit Size Speed ROM (words) RAM (bytes) CPU Family
External Data Bus Width
Address Bus Width Clock Frequency-Max
Number of I/O Lines Number of Timers Surface Mount
Supply Voltage-Nom uPs/uCs/Peripheral ICs Type
Technology Boundary Scan
DAC Channels DMA Channels Format
Has ADC Integrated Cache
Low Power Mode
Number of DMA Channels Number of External Interrupts On Chip Program ROM Width
PWM Channels ROM Programmability
Supply Current-Max
Supply Voltage-Max
Supply Voltage-Min
Temperature Grade
JESD-30 Code
Qualification Status
JESD-609 Code
Moisture Sensitivity Level
Operating Temperature-Max
Operating Temperature-Min
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel)
Number of Terminals
Package Body Material
Package Code
Package Equivalence Code
Package Shape
Package Style
Terminal Finish
Terminal Form
Terminal Pitch
Terminal Position
Seated Height-Max
Source Content uid
Part Package Code
Package Description
Pin Count
Reach Compliance Code
HTS Code
$8.0790 Active 32 72 MHz 262144 49152 CORTEX-M3 16 24 16 MHz 80 11 YES 3.3 V MICROCONTROLLER, RISC CMOS YES YES YES FIXED POINT YES NO YES 12 16 8 YES FLASH 69 mA 3.6 V 2 V INDUSTRIAL S-PQFP-G100 Not Qualified e3 3 85 °C -40 °C 260 100 PLASTIC/EPOXY LFQFP QFP100,.63SQ,20 SQUARE FLATPACK, LOW PROFILE, FINE PITCH MATTE TIN GULL WING 500 µm QUAD 1.6 mm 14 mm 14 mm STM32F103VCT6TR QFP LQFP-100 100 compliant 3A991.A.2 8542.31.00.01

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