Optoelectronic components are used to source, detect and control light in a circuit. Optoelectronic components focus on light-emitting or light-detecting devices. Light-emitting devices use voltage and current to produce electromagnetic radiation, while light-detecting devices are designed to convert received electromagnetic energy into current or voltage.

Examples of optoelectronic components include: Light-emitting diodes (LEDs), photodiodes, laser diodes, optical fibers, photoresistors and solar cells. LEDs are an example of a light-emitting device, and are often used as indicator lights. Photoresistors are an example of light-detecting components that are used for light sensing and communication, such as darkness-activated switches and remote controls.

Key factors to consider when purchasing an optoelectronic component are sensitivity to different wavelengths of light, temperature, environmental conditions, and the amount of light needed to achieve your desired response from the device.

Subcategories of Optoelectronics

Visible LEDs (9,652,515)
Optical Position Encoders (4,826,356)
LED Displays (164,107)
Other Optoelectronics (134,091)
Optocoupler (100,203)
Displays (68,103)
Solid State Relays (58,259)
Optoelectronic Accessories (51,138)
Laser Diodes (26,469)
LCD Displays (17,356)
Infrared LEDs (13,328)
Photo ICs (11,194)
Photo Diodes (7,570)
Slotted Switch (5,286)
Photo Transistors (5,020)
Photo Resistives (2,276)
Photovoltaic Cells (1,830)
Photo Trigger Devices (159)

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