Oscillators are electronic components that produce regular signals like sine waves or square waves. They convert DC signals to periodic AC signals, which are used for setting frequencies, audio applications, or as clock signals in microcontrollers and microprocessors. Oscillators typically include or require a crystal or other resonant input source plus other logic required to obtain a set frequency.

There are two main types of oscillators: Harmonic Oscillators and Relaxation Oscillators. Harmonic oscillators transfer energy from active to passive components, with the oscillation frequency determined by the feedback path. Relaxation oscillators exchange energy between active and passive components, and their frequency is based on charging and discharging time-constants. Harmonic oscillators generate smooth sine-wave outputs, while relaxation oscillators produce non-sinusoidal waveforms like saw-tooth or triangular waves.

Subcategories of Oscillators

XO (12,687,289)
TCVCXO (3,534,096)
TCXO (1,953,143)
VCXO (1,631,551)
Other Oscillators (1,425,284)
OCVCXO (282,342)
OCXO (173,427)
Voltage Controlled Clock SAW Oscillators (98,311)
Fixed Clock SAW Oscillators (73,111)
Voltage Controlled Sine SAW/STW Oscillators (54,421)
Voltage Controlled Oscillators (11,806)
Fixed Sine SAW/STW Oscillators (3,292)
YIG Tuned Oscillators (1,216)
Fixed DRO/CRO (851)
Tuned Gunn Oscillators (848)
Tuned DRO/CRO (481)
Cavity Oscillators (13)
Fixed Gunn Oscillators (12)

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