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Manufacturer Part Number: ld1085d2mr

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Most Relevant Technical Compliance Operating Conditions Physical Dimensions Other
Part Number Composite Price
Part Life Cycle Code
Dropout Voltage1-Nom
Output Current1-Max
Number of Outputs Surface Mount
Regulator Type
Dropout Voltage1-Max
Line Regulation-Max (%/V)
Load Regulation-Max(%)
Number of Functions Output Voltage1-Max
Output Voltage1-Min
Technology JESD-30 Code
JESD-609 Code
Qualification Status
Moisture Sensitivity Level
Operating Temperature TJ-Max
Operating Temperature TJ-Min
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel)
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s)
Number of Terminals
Package Body Material
Package Code
Package Equivalence Code
Package Shape
Package Style
Packing Method
Surface Mount
Terminal Finish
Terminal Form
Terminal Pitch
Terminal Position
Seated Height-Max
Source Content uid
Ihs Manufacturer
Part Package Code
Package Description
Pin Count
Reach Compliance Code
HTS Code
$1.0556 Active 1.3 V 3 A 1 YES ADJUSTABLE ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE SINGLE OUTPUT LDO REGULATOR 1.5 V 0.014 0.4 % 1 1.275 V 1.225 V BIPOLAR R-PSSO-G3 e3 Not Qualified 1 125 °C -40 °C 245 30 3 PLASTIC/EPOXY TO-263 SMSIP3H,.55TB RECTANGULAR SMALL OUTLINE TR YES MATTE TIN GULL WING 2.54 mm SINGLE 9.15 mm 10.2 mm 4.83 mm LD1085D2M-R STMICROELECTRONICS D2PAK TO-263, SMSIP3H,.55TB 3 not_compliant EAR99 8542.39.00.01 Adjustable,Positive,Single Output,Ldo