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Manufacturer Part Number: epm240t100a4

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Supply Voltage-Nom Propagation Delay Number of Macro Cells Number of I/O Lines Programmable Logic Type
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Technology Organization Additional Feature
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Altera Corporation
Check for Price Yes Yes Transferred 2.5 V 6.1 ns 192 80 FLASH PLD AUTOMOTIVE SQUARE CMOS 0 DEDICATED INPUTS, 80 I/O IT CAN ALSO OPERATE AT 3.3V YES YES MACROCELL 1.5/3.3,2.5/3.3 V 2.625 V 2.375 V S-PQFP-G100 Not Qualified e3 125 °C -40 °C 100 PLASTIC/EPOXY TFQFP TQFP100,.63SQ SQUARE FLATPACK, THIN PROFILE, FINE PITCH YES MATTE TIN GULL WING 500 µm QUAD 14 mm 14 mm 1.2 mm ALTERA CORP QFP TFQFP, TQFP100,.63SQ 100 compliant 8542.39.00.01
Altera Corporation
Check for Price No No Transferred 6.1 ns 192 FLASH PLD SQUARE CMOS YES YES YES 1.5/3.3,2.5/3.3 V S-PQFP-G100 Not Qualified e0 1 100 PLASTIC/EPOXY QFP TQFP100,.63SQ SQUARE FLATPACK YES TIN LEAD GULL WING 500 µm QUAD ALTERA CORP QFP, TQFP100,.63SQ compliant 8542.39.00.01