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Manufacturer Part Number: epm240t100a4
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Intel Corporation
Check for Price Yes Active 2.5 V 6.1 ns 80 80 192 80 FLASH PLD AUTOMOTIVE SQUARE CMOS 0 DEDICATED INPUTS, 80 I/O IT CAN ALSO OPERATE AT 3.3V YES YES MACROCELL 2.625 V 2.375 V S-PQFP-G100 Not Qualified e3 125 °C -40 °C 100 PLASTIC/EPOXY TFQFP TQFP100,.63SQ SQUARE FLATPACK, THIN PROFILE, FINE PITCH YES MATTE TIN GULL WING 500 µm QUAD 14 mm 14 mm 1.2 mm INTEL CORP 16 X 16 MM, 0.50 MM PITCH, LEAD FREE, TQFP-100 compliant 8542.39.00.01
Altera Corporation
Check for Price No No Transferred 6.1 ns 192 FLASH PLD SQUARE CMOS YES YES YES S-PQFP-G100 Not Qualified e0 1 100 PLASTIC/EPOXY QFP TQFP100,.63SQ SQUARE FLATPACK YES TIN LEAD GULL WING 500 µm QUAD ALTERA CORP QFP, TQFP100,.63SQ compliant 8542.39.00.01