RF and Microwave

RF (Radio Frequency) and Microwave Engineering is a specialized field within electrical engineering that focuses on the design, construction, and operation of devices that transmit or receive radio waves. RF engineering specifically deals with devices designed to operate within the radio frequency spectrum. This includes a wide range of devices used in communication systems, such as mobile phones, radios, Wi-Fi, walkie-talkies, and digital satellite television.

The distinction between microwave and RF lies in their respective wavelengths, which affects how energy travels and is transmitted to the treated product. Overall, RF and microwave engineering are integral to the functioning of many technologies that rely on radio wave transmission and reception.

Subcategories of RF and Microwave

RF/Microwave Attenuators (420,132)
RF/Microwave Amplifiers (86,832)
RF/Microwave Switches (83,425)
RF/Microwave Antennas (44,082)
RF/Microwave Mixers (30,041)
RF/Microwave Terminations (21,222)
RF/Microwave Couplers (18,173)
RF/Microwave Detectors (16,619)
RF/Microwave Splitter/Combiners (11,935)
RF/Microwave Isolator/Circulators (11,729)
RF/Microwave Limiters (11,331)
RF/Microwave Modulator/Demodulators (5,005)
RF/Microwave Phase Shifters (3,546)
Other RF/Microwave Devices (3,489)
RF/Microwave Up/Down Converters (3,180)
RF/Microwave DC Blocks (2,161)
RF/Microwave Frequency Multipliers (1,499)
Noise Generators (1,326)
EMI / RFI Shields (720)

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