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Manufacturer Part Number: im03gr

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Risk Rank Pbfree Code Rohs Code Part Life Cycle Code Coil Voltage-Nom Coil Power Coil Resistance Contact Current(AC)-Max Contact Voltage(AC)-Max Contact Voltage(DC)-Max Contact Current(DC)-Max Operating Frequency-Min Operating Frequency-Max Electrical Life Relay Function Relay Action Relay Type Coil/Input Supply Type Additional Feature Coil Current(DC)-Max Coil Operate Voltage(DC) Coil Release Voltage(DC) Coil Voltage(DC)-Max Contact (AC) Max Power Rating R Load Contact (AC) Max Rating R Load Contact (DC) Max Power Rating R Load Contact (DC) Max Rating R Load Contact Resistance Dielectric Strength Between Coil and Contacts Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts Input Switching Control Type Insertion Loss-Max Insulation Resistance Isolation-Max Operate Time Release Time Switching Time VSWR Reference Standard Operating Temperature-Min Operating Temperature-Max Contact/Output Supply Type End Contact Material End Contact Plating Mounting Feature Number of Terminals Packing Method Relay Form Sealing Surface Mount Termination Type Body Breadth Body Height Body Length or Diameter Physical Dimension Weight Source Content uid
Reach Compliance Code
HTS Code
Factory Lead Time
TE Connectivity
Yes Yes Active 5 V 140 mW 178 Ω 2 A 250 V 220 V 2 A 100 MHz 900 MHz 100000 Cycle(s) DPDT MOMENTARY RF RELAY DC RELEASE TIME WITH DIODE IN PARALLEL 28 mA 3.5 V 500 mV 5 V 62.5VA@250VAC 2A@250VAC 60W@220VDC 2A@220VDC 50 mΩ 1800 Vrms 1000 Vrms Random -0.33 dB 1 GΩ -18.8 dB 8 ms 10 ms 18 ms 1.49 CSA; UL -55 °C 85 °C AC/DC Palladium Ruthenium GOLD ALLOY SURFACE MOUNT-STRAIGHT 8 BOX; TR 2 FORM C IP67 NO SOLDER 6 mm 5.65 mm 10 mm 10mm x 6mm x 5.65mm 0.75 g IM03GR compliant EAR99 8536.49.00.50 77 Weeks, 6 Days

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