Resistors are a type of passive electronic component that limits the flow of electrons through a circuit. Passive components can only consume power and cannot generate it. Resistors can be fixed or variable, but their resistance is always measured in ohms, which is represented by the greek capital-omega (Ω). Variable resistors are also known and categorized as potentiometers. Resistors are used in a variety of applications, including limiting electric current, voltage division, heat generation, matching and loading circuits, gain control, and setting time constants.

When choosing the right resistor for your application, consider things like power dissipation, noise, inductance, and thermal stability, among other factors. It’s important to understand that the materials and structure of the resistor will have an impact on these characteristics. There are a number of form factors available for resistors, but surface mount and through hole are the most common in the market.

Subcategories of Resistors

Thin Film Resistors (91,312,564)
Metal Glaze/Thick Film Resistors (49,999,506)
Array/Network Resistors (32,114,839)
Metal Film Resistors (29,875,990)
Variable Resistors (23,542,032)
Wire Wound Resistors (15,003,033)
Metal Foil Resistors (8,187,493)
Fixed Resistors (3,003,360)
Non-linear Resistors (2,103,506)
Thick Film Resistors (1,805,320)
Metal Oxide Film Resistors (1,795,510)
Carbon Film Resistors (858,125)
Ruthenium Oxide Resistors (523,082)
Metal Alloy Resistors (328,794)
Temperature Dependent Resistors (NTC/PTC) (262,553)
Carbon Composition Resistors (199,491)
Metal Strip Resistor (163,628)
Fusible Resistors (156,354)
Tantalum Nitride/Nickel Chrome Resistors (122,269)
Potentiometers (64,790)
Varistor (17,811)
Trimmer Potentiometers (2,272)
Jumper (1,105)

Top Manufacturers of Thin Film Resistors

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