Sensors and transducers are devices that play a vital role in various industries by detecting and measuring physical quantities or entities. Sensors are designed to detect changes in physical parameters, such as pressure, force, or energy, and convert them into an electrical signal. Transducers, on the other hand, are devices that convert physical quantities, such as temperature, pressure, or displacement, into proportionate electrical signals.

These devices serve as essential tools for monitoring, control, and measurement in a wide range of applications. They enable us to gather precise data about our environment, enabling better decision-making and facilitating automation. Sensors and transducers find applications in fields like healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and smart systems.

Subcategories of Sensors/Transducers

Pressure Sensors (6,060,986)
Other Sensors/Transducers (939,542)
Proximity Sensors (31,071)
Linear Position Sensors (21,104)
Rotary Position Sensors (18,795)
Temperature Sensors (17,299)
Magnetic Field Sensors (8,577)
Image Sensors (8,303)
Infrared Sensors (1,074)
Reflective Object Sensors (336)
RTD Sensors (15)

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