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Manufacturer Part Number: wl1831modgbmocr

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Part Number Composite Price
Rohs Code
Part Life Cycle Code
Supply Voltage-Nom Data Rate Telecom IC Type
Number of Functions Power Supplies
Temperature Grade
JESD-30 Code
JESD-609 Code
Qualification Status
Moisture Sensitivity Level
Operating Temperature-Max
Operating Temperature-Min
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel)
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s)
Number of Terminals
Package Body Material
Package Code
Package Equivalence Code
Package Shape
Package Style
Surface Mount
Terminal Finish
Terminal Form
Terminal Pitch
Terminal Position
Seated Height-Max
Source Content uid
Package Description
Reach Compliance Code
HTS Code
Texas Instruments
$12.5516 No Active 3.7 V 100 Gbps TELECOM CIRCUIT 1 2.9/4.8 V COMMERCIAL R-PBGA-B100 e4 Not Qualified 3 70 °C -20 °C 260 30 100 PLASTIC/EPOXY LGA LGA100(UNSPEC) RECTANGULAR GRID ARRAY YES NICKEL PALLADIUM GOLD BUTT 700 µm BOTTOM 13.3 mm 13.4 mm 2 mm WL1831MODGBMOCR LGA, LGA100(UNSPEC) compliant 5A992.C 8542.31.00.01

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