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Part Number Composite Price
Pbfree Code
Rohs Code
Part Life Cycle Code
Power Rating
Input Voltage-Nom Output Voltage 1
Operating Frequency-Min
Operating Frequency-Max
Transformer Type
Manufacturer Series
Additional Feature
Center Tap Feature 1
Center Tap Feature 2
Input Voltage-Max
Number of Secondary Winding
Primary Rating
VA Rating
Operating Temperature-Max
Operating Temperature-Min
Mounting Feature
Packing Method
Surface Mount
Physical Dimension
Reach Compliance Code
Package Description
HTS Code
Micro Electronics Corporation
Check for Price Obsolete 4 W 40 kHz 200 kHz INVERTER TRANSFORMER SIT11180-10 TURNS RATIO: 11CT:1800 85 °C -10 °C SURFACE MOUNT YES 5.1 mm 27.7 mm L27.7XB10XH5.1 (mm) 10 mm unknown EAR99
Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd
Check for Price Obsolete 5.5 W 1.5 kV 40 kHz 100 kHz INVERTER TRANSFORMER 85 °C -20 °C SURFACE MOUNT YES 6 mm 26.2 mm L26.2XB15.0XH6.0 (mm) 15 mm compliant EAR99 ROHS COMPLIANT
Delta Electronics Inc
Check for Price Active 60 kHz INVERTER TRANSFORMER UI1734 WIDTH INCLUDES TERMINAL ALSO 24 V SURFACE MOUNT YES 8 mm 35.5 mm 35.5mm X 23.5mm X 8.0mm 23.5 mm compliant EAR99
Check for Price Obsolete 600 V INVERTER TRANSFORMER BLC13 9 V SURFACE MOUNT TRAY YES 5.1 mm 13.5 mm L13.5XB13.5XH5.1 (mm) 13.5 mm unknown EAR99
FDK Corporation
Check for Price Contact Manufacturer 3.5 W 40 kHz 200 kHz INVERTER TRANSFORMER T-1033 TURNS RATIO: 9:3:1880 5.5 V SURFACE MOUNT YES 5 mm 28.7 mm 28.7mm X 10mm X 5mm 10 mm unknown EAR99
Hammond Manufacturing
$280.7237 Yes Active 234 V 1.02 kV POWER TRANSFORMER YES NO 1 SINGLE 117/234V 510 VA CSA CHASSIS MOUNT NO compliant EAR99 8504.31.40.65
Rhombus Industries Inc
Check for Price Active 2.5 kV 25 kHz INVERTER TRANSFORMER 28 V 90 °C -55 °C THROUGH HOLE MOUNTED NO 20.7 mm 27.43 mm L27.43XB25.4XH20.7 (mm) 25.4 mm unknown EAR99
Hammond Manufacturing
$76.1960 Yes Active 115 V 1.78 kV POWER TRANSFORMER YES NO 115 V 1 SINGLE 115V 312 VA CSA CHASSIS MOUNT NO compliant EAR99 8504.31.40.65
Microsemi Corporation
Check for Price Yes Yes Transferred 6 W 1.1 kV INVERTER TRANSFORMER SGE2642-1G HEIGHT DIM INCLUDE TERMINAL ALSO SURFACE MOUNT TRAY YES 6 mm 30.5 mm 30.5mm X 10.5mm X 6.0mm 10.5 mm unknown EAR99 ROHS COMPLIANT
Panasonic Electronic Components
Check for Price Active 4 W INVERTER TRANSFORMER FJ16E 15 V SURFACE MOUNT TRAY YES 4.9 mm 31 mm 31.0mm X 15.0mm X 4.9mm 15 mm unknown EAR99 CHIP

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