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America II Electronics  

Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price Buy
NXP Semiconductors   2698   Buy Now
Diodes Incorporated   6065   Buy Now
NXP Semiconductors   19503   Buy Now
Diodes Incorporated   15586   Buy Now
Diodes Incorporated   64000   Buy Now
PanJit Touch Screens   5173   Buy Now
Diodes Incorporated   6384   Buy Now
ON Semiconductor   70935   Buy Now
NXP Semiconductors   6098   Buy Now
Philips Semiconductors   9727   Buy Now
Diodes Incorporated   10000   Buy Now
NXP Semiconductors   5941   Buy Now
Philips Semiconductors   1200   Buy Now
Microsemi Corporation   1558   Buy Now
ON Semiconductor   2879   Buy Now
Diodes Incorporated   32789   Buy Now
ROHM Semiconductor   2174   Buy Now
Infineon Technologies AG   2697   Buy Now
Nexperia   249000   Buy Now
NXP Semiconductors   470997   Buy Now
Diodes Incorporated   16808   Buy Now
Diodes Incorporated   6245   Buy Now
Infineon Technologies AG   1239   Buy Now
Infineon Technologies AG   39000   Buy Now
Comchip Technology Corporation Ltd   3050   Buy Now
ON Semiconductor   3732   Buy Now
PanJit Touch Screens   42000   Buy Now
ON Semiconductor   1789   Buy Now
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation   4951   Buy Now
Zetex / Diodes Inc   1332   Buy Now
Formosa Microsemi Co Ltd   7566   Buy Now

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