SS14FLM2G by: Taiwan Semiconductor

Overview of: SS14FLM2G by Taiwan Semiconductor

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Part Data Attributes

SS14FLM2G Taiwan Semiconductor

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SS14FLM2G Taiwan Semiconductor Rectifier Diode,

Rohs Code Yes
Part Life Cycle Code End Of Life
Reach Compliance Code unknown
HTS Code 8541.10.00.80
Additional Feature LOW POWER LOSS
Application EFFICIENCY
Configuration SINGLE
Diode Element Material SILICON
Forward Voltage-Max (VF) 1 V
JESD-30 Code R-PDSO-F2
JESD-609 Code e3
Moisture Sensitivity Level 1
Non-rep Pk Forward Current-Max 30 A
Number of Elements 1
Number of Phases 1
Number of Terminals 2
Operating Temperature-Max 125 °C
Operating Temperature-Min -55 °C
Output Current-Max 1 A
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY
Rep Pk Reverse Voltage-Max 40 V
Reverse Current-Max 500 µA
Surface Mount YES
Technology SCHOTTKY
Terminal Finish MATTE TIN
Terminal Form FLAT
Terminal Position DUAL

Alternate Parts for: SS14FLM2G

Part Number Description Manufacturer Compare
SS14FL Diodes Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Rectifier, 3000-REEL onsemi SS14FLM2G vs SS14FL

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