A diode is an electrical component that allows current to flow in one direction, while severely limiting current from flowing in the opposite direction. They change alternating current (AC) into pulsating direct current (DC), and are rated based on their type, voltage, and current capacity. A diode’s polarity is determined by a positive lead called an anode and negative lead, known as the cathode.

When a diode allows current flow, it is forward-biased. When it acts as an insulator and does not allow current to flow, it’s reverse-biased. When choosing the right type of diode for your application, consider voltage drop, maximum forward current, maximum reverse voltage, operating frequency, average rectified current, and tolerance as important factors.

Subcategories of Diodes

Zener Diodes (842,297)
Transient Suppressors (775,946)
Rectifier Diodes (558,901)
Bridge Rectifier Diodes (80,245)
Varactors (65,671)
Other Diodes (22,745)
PIN Diodes (22,626)
Microwave Mixer Diodes (21,197)
Voltage Regulator Diodes (16,870)
Current Regulator Diodes (9,449)
Signal Diodes (4,993)
Step Recovery Diodes (3,937)
Voltage Multiplier Diodes (3,637)
Microwave Special Purpose Diodes (2,823)
Stabistor Diodes (1,622)

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