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Applications Internet of Things (IoT) Environmental Monitoring Financial Technology (Fintech) Smart Cities Transportation and Logistics Agriculture Technology Telecommunications Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Vision Systems Automotive Education and Research Consumer Electronics Security and Surveillance Audio and Video Systems Computing and Data Storage Healthcare Entertainment and Gaming

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DISTI # 30Y6674
Newark 8 Bit, hcs08L Core, 32K Flash/ Tray Rohs Compliant: Yes |Nxp MC9S08PT32AVLF Min Qty: 1250 Package Multiple: 1 Date Code: 0 Container: Bulk 0
  • 500 $1.8700
$1.8700 Buy Now
Avnet Americas MCU 8-Bit S08 CISC 32KB Flash 3.3V/5V 48-Pin LQFP Tray - Trays (Alt: MC9S08PT32AVLF) RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 2500 Package Multiple: 1250 Lead time: 13 Weeks, 0 Days Container: Tray 0
  • 2,500 $1.9622
  • 5,000 $1.9202
  • 7,500 $1.8781
  • 12,500 $1.8361
  • 25,000 $1.7940
  • 125,000 $1.7520
  • 250,000 $1.7100
$1.7100 / $1.9622 Buy Now
Bristol Electronics   27500
EBV Elektronik MCU 8-Bit S08 CISC 32KB Flash 3.3V/5V 48-Pin LQFP Tray (Alt: MC9S08PT32AVLF) RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 250 Package Multiple: 250 Lead time: 15 Weeks, 0 Days EBV - 0
Buy Now
Flip Electronics Stock, ship today 1
  • 1 $1.0000
$1.0000 RFQ

Part Details for MC9S08PT32AVLF


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MC9S08PT32AVLF Part Data Attributes

MC9S08PT32AVLF NXP Semiconductors
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Rohs Code Yes
Part Life Cycle Code Active
Reach Compliance Code compliant
ECCN Code 3A991.A.2
HTS Code 8542.31.00.01
Factory Lead Time 13 Weeks
Samacsys Manufacturer NXP
Address Bus Width
Bit Size 8
CPU Family HCS08
Clock Frequency-Max 20 MHz
DMA Channels NO
External Data Bus Width
JESD-30 Code S-PQFP-G48
JESD-609 Code e3
Length 7 mm
Moisture Sensitivity Level 3
Number of I/O Lines 41
Number of Terminals 48
Operating Temperature-Max 105 °C
Operating Temperature-Min -40 °C
PWM Channels YES
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code QFP
Package Equivalence Code QFP48,.35SQ,20
Package Shape SQUARE
Package Style FLATPACK
Peak Reflow Temperature (Cel) 260
Qualification Status Not Qualified
RAM (bytes) 4096
ROM (words) 32768
ROM Programmability FLASH
Speed 20 MHz
Supply Current-Max 14.8 mA
Supply Voltage-Max 5.5 V
Supply Voltage-Min 2.7 V
Supply Voltage-Nom 5 V
Surface Mount YES
Technology CMOS
Temperature Grade INDUSTRIAL
Terminal Finish Tin (Sn)
Terminal Form GULL WING
Terminal Pitch 0.5 mm
Terminal Position QUAD
Time@Peak Reflow Temperature-Max (s) 40
Width 7 mm
uPs/uCs/Peripheral ICs Type MICROCONTROLLER

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