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Findchips PRO

FindchipsPro: your sourcing power tool.

Get quick, preferred budgetary pricing.

Start your 14-day free trial to get instant inventory and price data for all your parts list with just one click.

What's inside

Findchips Pro
Part Number Search
Available Inventory by Supplier
Product Pricing
Detailed Product Info
BOM / Product List Upload
Correct Invalid Part Numbers
Product Cross-Reference
Custom Export for your List
Risk Assessment by Part
Sourcing Analytics
List Sharing / Collaboration
$49 month

Companies that use Findchips:

Search. Find. Repeat. (and repeat... and repeat...)

How often do you have to search for the same part over and over? With Findchips Pro, find your saved parts in seconds and save parts for future searches. Lists are customizable to make your searches more efficient.

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Problematic part numbers? Problem solved.

Do bad or incomplete part numbers slow your part search process down? By using Findchips Pro you can immediately find out if your parts are valid for quoting or ordering, and fix the invalid ones. Reduce quoting time by cleaning your BOM.

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Go Pro.

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See all your availability information, instantly.

All of your inventory information, at a glance. Immediately find out what suppliers have in stock, hundreds at a time.

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Your budget, your preferred suppliers.

Need quick, preferred budgetary pricing? Findchips Pro gives you real-time information for your whole list. Filter budgetary pricing from the suppliers you care about.

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