Connectors are coupling devices that join two electrical terminations to form a circuit. A connector can be used to bridge wires, cables, printed circuit boards, and even electronic components. Most connectors require two parts that when mated together form a electrical or mechanical connection. Selecting the right connectors for your application is important to ensure that your device operates correctly.

There are a variety of connector options available that serve specific functions. The style of connector varies based on the intended use case, and whether they are being used to transmit data, power, or a signal. For example, banana plugs are used in lab equipment, coaxial connectors are used in networking and phone systems, and USB connectors are used in many of today’s consumer electronics. When choosing a connector, consider compatibility as well. If the connector is not compatible, it may not work or could even damage your device. Take into consideration any additional features that may be necessary for your application, such as water resistance or locking mechanisms.

Subcategories of Connectors

Headers and Edge Type Connectors (16,565,961)
Military Circular Connectors (11,893,450)
D Type Connectors (8,503,816)
Other Circular Connectors (2,142,578)
Telecom and Datacom Connectors (1,201,446)
Other Interconnects (763,810)
Circular Adapters (618,594)
Mains Power Connectors (464,144)
Power Connectors (309,596)
Other Fiber Optic Connectors (252,136)
Multiway Rack and Panel Connectors (178,792)
Audio/RCA Connectors (143,299)
RF Adapters (56,688)
Combination Line Connectors (51,591)
RF Twinax/Triax/Quadax Connectors (48,702)
Other RF Connectors (47,690)
Rectangular Adapters (38,995)
Other Rectangular Connectors (36,366)
RF BNC Connectors (32,172)
RF SMA/SSMA Connectors (30,105)
RF TNC Connectors (27,252)
Fiber Optic SC Connectors (26,683)
DIN Connectors (22,357)
Fiber Optic FC Connectors (20,196)
Circular Connectors (14,344)
RF SMB/SSMB Connectors (13,455)
Fiber Optic Adapters (13,011)
RF N Connectors (12,121)
Two Part Board Connectors (11,044)
RF MCX/MMCX Connectors (10,009)
RF UHF Connectors (5,481)
RF SMC/SSMC Connectors (5,004)
Fiber Optic ST Connectors (4,615)
FFC/FPC Connectors (4,139)
Two Part Euro Connectors (3,963)
Single Part Card Edge Connectors (3,824)
RF Blindmate Connectors (3,535)
DC Power Plugs or Jacks (3,026)
PCB Adapters (1,199)
Fiber Optic SMA Connectors (838)
RF SC Connectors (472)
RF C Connectors (470)
Fiber Optic Networking Connectors (306)
SHV Connectors (285)
Board Stacking Connectors (163)
PCMCIA Connectors (26)
Fiber Optic Biconic Connectors (16)
Other PCB Connectors (13)

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