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Allied Components International
Check for Price Yes Contact Manufacturer TELECOM TRANSFORMER TRUNS RATIO: 1CT:1CT UL 85 °C -40 °C SURFACE MOUNT YES 5.84 mm 11.5 mm L11.5XB6.8XH5.84 (mm) 6.8 mm ROHS COMPLIANT compliant EAR99
Abracon Corporation
Check for Price Yes Yes Active TELECOM TRANSFORMER APT TURNS RATIO: 1:1/1.26 85 °C -40 °C SURFACE MOUNT YES 6.35 mm 13.72 mm L13.72XB12.7XH6.35 (mm) 12.7 mm compliant EAR99
Pulse Electronics Corporation
Check for Price Obsolete TELECOM TRANSFORMER TX9025 TURNS RATIO: 1:2; 1:2, HEIGHT DIM INCLUDE TERMINAL ALSO UL 85 °C -40 °C SURFACE MOUNT TAPE & REEL YES 7.24 mm 28.58 mm L28.58XB12.32XH7.24 (mm) 12.32 mm unknown EAR99
Pulse Electronics Corporation
Check for Price Active TELECOM TRANSFORMER TURNS RATIO: 1CT:2CT UL 70 °C THROUGH HOLE MOUNTED TR NO 10.2 mm 14.22 mm 14.22 mm compliant EAR99
Wurth Elektronik
Check for Price No No Active TELECOM TRANSFORMER 82180R LENGTH AND HEIGHT DIM INCLUDE TERMINALS ALSO e0 UL SURFACE MOUNT YES Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb) 10.01 mm 17.48 mm L17.48XB17.4XH10.01 (mm) 17.4 mm compliant EAR99 82180R
Vitec Electronics Corporation
Check for Price Contact Manufacturer TELECOM TRANSFORMER 18Z TUV THROUGH HOLE MOUNTED NO 11.3 mm 14.17 mm 14.17mm X 14.17mm X 11.3mm 14.17 mm unknown EAR99
Bel Fuse
Check for Price No No Active TELECOM TRANSFORMER 2795L DATA COUPLING UL 85 °C -40 °C SURFACE MOUNT TAPE & REEL YES 6.73 mm 6.1 mm L6.1XB6.73XH6.73 (mm) 6.73 mm compliant EAR99
Central Technologies
Check for Price No No Obsolete TELECOM TRANSFORMER CT-64936 TURNS RATIO 1CT:1 UL THROUGH HOLE MOUNTED NO 6.35 mm 8.89 mm L8.89XB12.7XH6.35 (mm) 12.7 mm compliant EAR99
API Technologies Corp
Check for Price Active 50 kHz 3 MHz TELECOM TRANSFORMER TURNS RATIO: 1:2.42 70 °C SURFACE MOUNT YES 7.62 mm 28.7 mm 12.95 mm compliant EAR99
Wurth Elektronik
Check for Price No No Active 135 OHMS TELECOM TRANSFORMER 617-7931 COMPATIBLE WITH CONEXANT BT8960 CHIP SET UL THROUGH HOLE MOUNTED NO 12.7 mm 13.97 mm L13.97XB13.97XH12.7 (mm) 13.97 mm compliant EAR99 617-7931

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