Trigger Devices

Trigger devices are used in electronic circuits to initiate or control actions or functions in another electronic circuit. Triggers are used to produce output signals when desired input conditions are met. These types of components are most commonly found in timing circuits, pulse generators, counters, and data storage circuits.

The types of trigger devices used in today’s designs include Schmitt triggers, astable multivibrators, monostable vibrators, comparators, or flip-flops. To choose the right type of trigger device for your design, consider the specific requirements of your application and the output signal you’re looking for.

Always factor input and output voltage levels, precise timing requirements, noise immunity, and power consumption to achieve the best results.

Subcategories of Trigger Devices

Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (320,373)
TRIACs (45,749)
Silicon Surge Protectors (13,090)
Other Trigger Devices (9,905)
SIDACs (1,774)
Breakover Diodes (631)
DIACs (572)
Programmable Unijunction Transistors (255)
Gated Switches (55)
MOS Controlled Thyristors (53)
Silicon Controlled Switches (53)
Non Gated Switches (22)

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