C3216X5R1E476M160AC by: TDK Corporation

Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 25V, 20% +Tol, 20% -Tol, X5R, 15% TC, 47uF, Surface Mount, 1206, CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT

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C3216X5R1E476M160AC TDK Corporation
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C3216X5R1E476M160AC TDK Corporation Ceramic Capacitor, Multilayer, Ceramic, 25V, 20% +Tol, 20% -Tol, X5R, 15% TC, 47uF, Surface Mount, 1206, CHIP, ROHS COMPLIANT
Pbfree Code Yes
Rohs Code Yes
Part Life Cycle Code Active
Ihs Manufacturer TDK CORP
Package Description , 1206
Reach Compliance Code compliant
Factory Lead Time 52 Weeks
Capacitance 47 µF
Dielectric Material CERAMIC
Height 1.6 mm
JESD-609 Code e3
Length 3.2 mm
Mounting Feature SURFACE MOUNT
Multilayer Yes
Negative Tolerance 20%
Number of Terminals 2
Operating Temperature-Max 85 °C
Operating Temperature-Min -55 °C
Package Style SMT
Packing Method TR, 7 INCH
Positive Tolerance 20%
Rated (DC) Voltage (URdc) 25 V
Size Code 1206
Surface Mount YES
Temperature Characteristics Code X5R
Temperature Coefficient 15% ppm/°C
Terminal Shape WRAPAROUND
Width 1.6 mm

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  • PMP7019 准谐振反激式、80-440V 交流、12V/0.5A、使用 UCC28600 最高效率达 91%
    The PMP7019 reference design is a wide-input Quasi Resonant Flyback designed for industrial applications. It uses the UCC28600 controller to an isolated 48V/1A output from an 80Vac to 440Vac input range. The quasi-resonant switching of the UCC28600 allows this design to achieve a maximum load efficiency up to 91%.
  • PMP12074 230V 交流输入、200kHz 380V/1kW CCM 升压功率因数调节器参考设计
    PMP12074 参考设计使用 UCC28180 CCM PFC 控制器,从 230VAC 输入生成 380V/1kW 输出。此外,UCC28722 PSR 控制器还在该设计中用作偏置电源。在 230VAC/50Hz 输入下可实现超过 97% 的效率(开关频率为固定的 200kHz)。
  • TPS60302EVM-170REF200209 升压:高效充电泵
    The TPS60302EVM-170 is an evaluation tool for the 20mA single cell charge pump TPS60302. With 0.9V to 1.8V input, it delivers a regulated output voltage of 3.3V with up to 20mA of output current. The TPS60302EVM-170 can also be used to evaluate the other devices of the TPS6030x family. The only change that is requied is to replace the TPS60302 with the appropriate device.
  • TIDM-TM4C129POEAUDIO 以太网供电 (PoE) 音频通信参考设计
    本设计使用具有集成以太网 PHY 的德州仪器 (TI) 高性能 TM4C129x 微处理器 (MCU) 借助网络提供的电源(PoE 解决方案)而非单独的外部电源来高效捕获、交换和回放音频。该应用使用 TivaWare 图形库来实现用户界面,使用户界面具有触控、具有通过网络交换数据的 lwIP,以及通过压缩音频数据来改善带宽利用的 Opus Audio Codec。
  • PMP4234 36VDC-75VDC 输入、3.3V/30A 1/8 砖型有源钳位正向
    此参考设计可从标准 48V 电信总线输入生成隔离型 3.3V/10A 输出。UCC2897A 用于控制具有自驱同步整流器的有源钳正向拓扑。电气组件装入标准 1/8 引脚砖型的区域。峰值效率超过 92%。
  • PMP8703 具有 5.0V/7.0A 和 3.3V/4.0A 输出的双路降压转换器
    This design is a dual buck for 12V input voltage which provides 5.0V @ 7.0A and 3.3V @ 4.0A. TIs CSD86330Q3D Power Blocks enable a high efficiency even at high switching frequencies.
  • PMP7371 用于 iPad 和 iPhone 设备的 12V 直流输入、2.1A USB 充电器
    This reference design takes a 12Vdc input (20V max) and generates a 5V/2.1A output for charging smart phone and tablets. The TPS54240 provides a cost effective yet efficient solution for the DC/DC conversion. The TPS2561A provides a precision current limit to protect the device being charged duri
  • PMP7967 135W 汽车类多相升压转换器
    The PMP7967 converts a DC input of 6V-42V to an output of 90V at 1.5A.  The design uses four interleaved LM5122 boost controllers with each controller switching at 100kHz. The resulting 4-phase boost converter has a ripple frequency of 400kHz. Freqeucny can also be synchronized to an externa
  • High Power Small Form Factor Synchronous Buck To Output 12V@15A Reference Design
    The PMP10852B reference design uses the LM5117: CSD18563 for the high side MOSFET and CSD18532 (x2) for the low side MOSFETs.  PMP10852B takes input voltages between 27V to 41V and outputs 180W(12V @15A).  The size is very small: total area is 1:200mm2 (30mm x 40mm) solution size. The design is ~95% efficient at full load.
  • Single Phase 60W Audio Amplifier Reference Design
    PMP9372 is a single-phase synchronous boost converter: which utilizes the LM5121 controller. Inrush limiting is set to 11A nominal: which allows startup into a 4700μF output capacitor. The TPS3700DDC is used as an output voltage monitor: which provides Power Good signaling of output over-voltage and under-voltage.
  • TIDM-SMARTMETERBOARD3 智能电表开发平台 (SMB 3.0)
    The Smart Electrical Meter Development Platform or Smart Meter Board (SMB 3.0) is a modular development platform incorporating key TI Smart Grid technologies including energy measurement, Power Line Communications, wireless communications, power management, and embedded processing. It is an excel
  • TIDA-00362 采用 DLP® 技术的工厂自动化用高分辨率 3D 扫描仪
    The Factory Automation reference design employs the Texas Instruments DLP® Advanced Light Control Software Development Kit (SDK) for LightCrafter™ series controllers, which allows developers to easily construct 3D point clouds by integrating TI&rs
  • TIDA-00197 具有速度控制功能的无刷直流电机
    This advanced motor implements closed-loop speed control to maintain an exact RPM across the load torque profile.  The magnetic rotor position is sensed by the DRV5013 Hall-effect sensors, and the DRV8308 controller decides when to drive the CSD88537
  • PMP4340 低成本 4.2W 非隔离式 GU10 LED 驱动器解决方案 (40Vout@.12A)
    This design demonstrates simple GU10 LED driver suolution using primary side sensing TPS92315. Non-isolated flyback topology is used in the design to achieve high efficiency(>82.3% typically) with reduced cost. The overall form factor is 26x16x11mm. Overall current cross regulation <+/-1.2%.
  • ADC Voltage Reference Buffer Optimization Reference Design for High Performance DAQ Systems
    The TIDA-01055 reference design for high performance DAQ Systems optimizes the ADC reference buffer to improve SNR performance and reduce power consumption with the TI OPA837 high-speed op amp. This device is used in a composite buffer configuration and provides a 22% power improvement over traditional op amps. Voltage reference sources with an integrated buffer often lack the drive strength required to achieve optimal performance in a high-channel count systems.  This reference design is capable of driving several ADCs: and achieves a system ENOB of 15.77 bits using an 18-bit: 2-MSPS SAR ADC.
  • PMP5040 18V-60V Input Flyback 6.5V@2A
    PMP5040 参考设计在反向控制中使用 TPS40210 PWM 控制器生成隔离式 6.5V/2A 输出,效率达到 80% 以上。
  • Bi-Directional Battery Initialization System Control Board Reference Design
    The PMP40280 is a battery initialization reference design solution for automotive and battery applications. The MCU TM4C123GH6PZ sets charging/discharging current and real time monitors battery voltage and charging/discharging current. It will calibrate system gain error to meet charging/discharging current accuracy 0.1% when environment temperature changes. When system works in any faults: MCU can disable power converter. Communication is accomplished through standard CAN bus.
  • PMP4751 55V 至 90V 直流输入、5V/10A 有源钳位正向
    此参考设计使用 UCC2897A 有源钳控制器在 55V 至 90V 输入范围内生成隔离型 5V/50W 输出。同步整流器可使该转换器实现高达 93% 的效率。
  • PMP4390 符合 Energy Star 6 效率等级的通用交流输入 15W 适配器
    This 5V / 3A adapter solution is fully tested and passes EMI and EMC (CE,RE) safety requirements. It implements a high efficiency primary side controller UCC28713 and synchronous rectifier UCC24610 pair. The efficiency of the design complies with Energy Star 6 and is designed to fit into small fo
  • PMP40487 交流输入、5V/1A 和 5V/1A 双路输出反激式参考设计
    This design is auxiliary power supply with 5-V/1-A and 5-V/1-A dual output. The line and load regulation of the power supply is designed to be within 1% using the secondary side regulator, UCC28742. The system's reliability is improved through input UVLO and output OVP, OCP, SCP. The four point's load (25%, 50%,75%, 100%) average efficiency is above 81%.
  • PMP10229 高开关频率同步降压稳压器,3.3V/2.5A 参考设计
    The PMP10229 reference design is a synchronous buck converter for automotive applications. It uses the TPS57114-Q1 to deliver an output voltage of 3.3V@2.5A. The switching frequency is 1.8MHz.
  • TIDA-00094 具有可变增益放大器的四通道 250Msps 数字转换器参考设计
    This reference design shows a quad channel, 14-bit, 250-Msps digitizer with wide input range using the LMH6881 programmable differential amplifier and ADS4449 quad-channel, 14-bit, 250-Msps ADC. This combination allows an input voltage range of approximately 1 Vp
  • High Power Small Form Factor Synchronous Buck To Output 12V@15A Reference Design
    The PMP10852 reference design uses the LM5117: CSD18563 for the high side MOSFET and CSD18532 (x2) for the low side MOSFETs.  PMP10852 takes input voltages between 27V to 41V and outputs 180W(12V @15A).  The size is very small: total area is 1:200mm2 (30mm x 40mm) solution size. The design is ~95% efficient at full load.
  • Universal AC Input: 12V/3A Single stage PFC-Flyback Reference Design with Synchronous Rectification
    The PMP9730 reference design employs the UCC28051 power factor correction controller to implement a single stage PFC-Flyback AC/DC converter that generates an isolated 12V output at 3A from a universal AC input. The design features UCC28910 primary side regulation Flyback switcher for generating the VDD bias rails and the UCC24610 for 2ndary side synchronous rectification.  This provides an excellent solution for systems such as motor drives requiring an isolated bus voltage: good power factor and high efficiency.
  • Bi-directional Battery Power System +USB A 5V2A Output Reference Design
    The PMP40294 reference design is designed for a high capacity battery packs which requires more and more charging and discharging power. It can support a wide input voltgae (5~20V) from any adaptor and deliver the maximal charging current up to 3A to a 3S battery pack. By adopting the bi-directional buck-boost controller BQ25703A: the power stream can be flowed bidirectionally in the same power stage. In reverse mode: it can deliver 5/9/12/14.5/15/16/19/20V 3A from batteries to the port. The digital progemmability provides further extended functions as well.  
  • 10.8-V/30-W: &gt;95% Efficiency: 4.3-cm2: Power Stage Reference Design for Brushless DC Servo Drive
    This 15-W: 16-mm × 27-mm: power stage reference design drives and controls the position of the brushless DC (BLDC) motor operating from a three- to four-cell Li-ion battery. This highly-efficient solution is optimized with a very small form factor that easily fits into the motor and supports precise motor position control. The design is also capable of driving the motor at high speeds with position feedback. The reference design is protected for overcurrent and short circuit: and the onboard MCU provides UART connectivity: which enables controllability with any external controller.
  • RGB LED Signal Tower With Wi-Fi&reg; Interface Reference Design
    The objective of the TIDA-00994 reference design is to develop an embedded firmware of a multi-segment RGB signal tower used in factory floor and industrial process automation of greater complexity. A Wi-Fi ® interface is implemented to control the stack light and read back status information. The CC3200 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi®  offers a Wi-Fi access point as  well as an embedded web server for reading status information and controlling the stack light.
  • 2.2MHz Switching: Synchronous Split Supply Reference Design for 12V Battery with all Protections
    PMP10651 is a low noise: multi-output SMPS design where LM53603 is used in Inverting Buck-Boost Fly buck topology to generate positive and negative supply needed in multiple noise sensitive applications such as powering High Speed Video Amplifier: RF amplifier: Precision Low noise amplifier etc.   The design accepts an input voltage of 7Vin to 15 Vin DC (from 12V Lead Acid Battery) and provides outputs of +12V@500mA: -12v@500mA: 5V @400mA and 3.3V@150mA. It features a small size and is an inexpensive and more efficient solution to using Flyback or Pushpull converters .
  • 20-bit Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design Optimizing Jitter for Max SNR and Sample Rate
    The TIDA-01035 is a 20-bit: 1 MSPS isolated analog input data acquisition reference design demonstrating how to resolve and optimize performance challenges typical of digitally isolated data acquisition systems.Significantly improves high frequency AC signal chain performance (SNR  and THD) by effectively mitigating ADC  sample clock jitter across isolation boundaryMaximizes sample rate by eliminating/minimizing  propagation delay introduced by a digital isolatorProvides option to evaluate performance with and without jitter mitigation technique with jumperIncludes detailed timing analysis detailing the isolator’s additive jitter impact on data throughput
  • 20-bit: 1-MSPS Isolator Optimized Data Acquisition Reference Design Maximizing SNR and Sample Rate
    TIDA-01037 is a 20-bit: 1 MSPS isolated analog input data acquisition reference design that utilizes two different isolator devices to maximize signal chain SNR and sample rate performance. For signals requiring low jitter: such as ADC sampling clocks: TI’s ISO73xx family of low jitter devices are used whereas TI’s high speed ISO78xx family of devices are used to maximize data sample rate. By combing these two isolator solutions: high frequency performance is significantly improved by minimizing sample clock jitter across the isolation boundary: and data throughput is improved by maximizing isolator signaling rate. Additional improvements are realized by utilizing TI’s advanced ADC multiSPITM and source-synchronous features. Finally: all key design theories are described and measured results presented.
  • RGB LED Signal Tower for Industrial Automation Reference Design
    This reference design is a multi-segment RGB signal tower for industrial process automation. The reference design enables fully flexible control of color and brightness and allows easy modification of the amount of segments. With this smart process condition and safety indicator: any type of industrial stack light tower can be realized and configured via software.
  • Multi-Rail Power Reference Design for Eliminating EMI Effects in High Performance DAQ Systems
    The TIDA-01054 reference design helps eliminate the performance degrading effects of EMI on Data Acquisition (DAQ) systems greater than 16 bits with the help of the LM53635 buck converter. The buck converter enables the designer to place power solutions close to the signal path without the unwanted noise degradation of EMI while saving board space. This design allows for a system SNR performance of 100.13 dB using a 20-bit: 1-MSPS SAR ADC: which almost matches the 100.14 dB SNR performances when using external power sources.
  • 20-bit 1MSPS DAQ Reference Design Optimizing Power Supply Efficiency While Minimizing EMI
    This reference design for high performance data acquisition (DAQ) systems optimizes power stage in order to reduce power consumption and minimize the effect of EMI from switching regulator by using LMS3635-Q1 buck converter.  This reference designs yields 7.2% efficiency improvement at most light load current compared to LM53635 buck converter: which achieves 125.25dB SFDR: 99dB SNR and 16.1ENOB.
  • Optimized Analog Front End DAQ System Reference Design for 18 bit SAR Data Converters
    The TIDA-01050 reference design aims to improve the integration: power consumption: performance: and clocking issues typically associated with automatic test equipment. This design is applicable to any ATE system but most applicable to systems requiring a large number of input channels.
  • Automotive Dual USB Type-C&trade; PD DFP 5/9/12/15V Output Car Charger Reference Design
    PMP40312 is a dual port USB Type-C™ PD car charger reference design. The design's normal input voltage range is from 9V to 14.5V: and the maximum input voltage can be to 42V.The pure analog configuration for the USB type-C source controller--TPS25740B makes the PD negotiation easy. The solution supports 4 sets of output voltage options including 5V/9V/12V/15V. Each port provides a maximum of 32.5W output power for the USB Type-C device. This solution achieves high efficiency as a SMBus battery Buck-Boost charge controller BQ25700A and I2C battery Buck-Boost Charge Controller BQ25703A are implemented in the design.
  • Voltage-Mode Multiplying DAC Reference Design
    This multiplying DAC (MDAC) circuit creates a unipolar voltage output from 0 V to 2.5 V. This design does not require dual supplies to realize a unipolar: positive output voltage as with typical MDAC circuits. This design removes the need for a negative rail by using the MDAC in “reverse” to form a binary weighted voltage divider.
  • RGB LED Signal Tower With IO-Link Interface Reference Design
    The objective of the TIDA-00980 reference design is to develop an embedded firmware to interface and control the functions of a multi-segment RGB signal tower used in factory floor and industrial process automation of greater complexity. This design helps to give more flexible usage along with a sequence of terminal commands. The stack light can be controlled either via IO-Link or USB and different patterns can be configured.
  • 3 Phase AC Input: 12W Output Reference Design for E-meter
    This reference design was designed for the 3 Phase E-meter application. It uses the UCC28600 quasi-resonant flyback controller to generate three 3KV isolated output rails from an extremely wide input source from 110VAC to 420VAC. The 3 output rails have independent protections to improve system reliability. The synchronous buck converter TPS560430 was used on the 12V 0.7A rail to generate a 0.1% output ripple voltage for post modules. The board size is 100mm(L)*50mm(W)*20mm(H).
  • CISPR25 Automotive Tail Light Reference Design for Step-Down + Linear LED Driver Based Systems
    TIDA-00677 showcases an automotive LED tail light application (tail/stop: turn and reverse) by using the TPS92630-Q1 linear LED driver supplied by an upstream buck converter (TPS65321-Q1) which is directly supplied through a smart-reverse battery diode off the automotive battery voltage. The design has also been subjected to EMI/EMC radiation and pulse tests according to CISPR25 and ISO 7637-2. More information regarding potential cost savings and efficiency (power dissipation and system thermals) can be found in the user guide. For a similar design driven by a boost converter: see TIDA-00678. For a similar design driven directly from a car battery: see TIDA-00679.
  • ADC Driver Reference Design Improving Full Scale THD Using Negative Supply
    The TIDA-01052 reference design aims to highlight system performance increases seen using a negative voltage rail on the analog front end driver amplifiers rather than ground. This concept is relative to all analog front ends: however this design is aimed specifically at automatic test equipment.
  • Portable DLP Pico Projector with 5-20Vin 3 Cell Battery Charger Reference Design
    The PMP40069 is a reference design for portable DLP pico projectors  It also has a 3 cell battery charger.  The battery will provide the power to the projector when the adapter isn't available . The solution implements  DLPA3000 PMIC/LED driver: DLPC3438 display controller and SMBus battery buck-boost charge controller BQ25700A. The DLPA3000 PMIC is a fully integrated dedicated PMIC/LED driver providing all system analog power requirements and can drive 0~6 amp RGB LEDs. The buck-boost charger is compatible with 5/9/12/15/20V output adapters. The charger has high efficiency and provides 3A charge current to a 3 cell battery.
  • USB Type-C PD DFP 5/12/20V3A Output with 2~3 Cell Battery Input Power Bank Reference Design
    PMP40001 is a full featured USB type-C PD DFP reference design. The pure analog configuration for the USB type-C source controller--TPS25740 makes the PD negotiation easy. It supports 3 sets of output voltage options including 5V/12V/20V.  The max output current is 3A which provides a maximal 60W output power @20Vo. This design's total efficiency can achieve 96% at full load by adopting the high performance buck-boost controller--LM5175: which also means a good thermal performance. The valid input voltage range is from 6V to 13.5V which is compatible with the 2S and 3S lithium battery pack.
  • 5-V: 1-A: Cost-Effective: Dual-Layer TO-220 LDO Replacement Reference Design With 92.5% Efficiency
    This reference design demonstrates a small solution size: high-efficiency: and low-EMI DC/DC module for LDO replacement in major home appliances. Replacing LDOs with DC/DC modules drastically improves system efficiency: saving on solution size and BOM cost while also eliminating the need for heat sinks. The module takes up the same amount of space as a TO-220 package and is pin-to-pin compatible with the TO-220 LDO: such as UA7805: enabling quick evaluation and reduced time to market. The TPS561201 power converter enables a higher output current and lower power consumption at full-load: low-load: and standby operation. This module is the same size with a TO-220 package and is pin compatible with the TO-220 LDO: enabling a quick evaluation and time to market.
  • 18-bit: 2-Msps Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design to Achieve Maximum SNR and Sampling Rate
    This “18-bit: 2-Msps Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design to achieve maximum SNR and sampling rate”  illustrates how to overcome performance-limiting challenges typical of isolated data acquisition system design:Maximizing sampling rate by minimizing propagation delay introduced by digital isolatorMaximizing high-frequency AC signal chain performance (SNR) by effectively mitigating ADC sampling clock jitter introduced by the digital isolator
  • Low-Noise Fixed Drop-Out ±2.5 to ±12-VOUT 3A Power Supply Reference Design for Ultrasound CW Pulser
    This reference design allows a digitally programmable power supply to power an ultrasound transmit circuit for continuous wave (CW) mode from a 24-V bus. There are two outputs adjustable from ±2.5 to ±12 V under user software control. These outputs can provide up to 2 A with very low ripple and noise on both positive and negative regulator outputs. The power supply is scalable for higher output currents up to 3 A by adding more regulators in parallel. The power supplies can also be synchronized to an external clock.
  • Multi-cell buck-boost battery charger system reference design for USB PD PPS
    This reference design is for USB Power Delivery (PD) battery charging applications: such as power banks or other portable devices. It employs the Buck-Boost charger BQ25713 for a wide input and output range for USB PD charging. The USB PD controller card (PMP40442) can configure the charger to run both charging or OTG via the same power path. The PMP40441/2 is compatible with PD2.0. It also demonstrates BQ25713’s capability to support PD’s Programmable Power Supply (PPS) standard. In the OTG direction (i.e. the power bank as a power source): the USB port can output a fixed USB PD voltage – 5/9/15/20 V and USB PD PPS voltage from 3.3 V to 5.9/11/21 V with smaller than 20 mV step. A USB-A port is also included as a dedicated OTG source.
  • 18Vdc-60Vdc Input: 3.3V/15A Active Clamp Forward: 1/8 Brick Reference Design
    The PMP8973 reference design generates a 3.3V/15A output from an 18V to 60V telecom input. The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage. The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD16415Q5 and CSD18502Q5B: implemented as synchronous rectifiers: provides for a highly efficient design. This design is laid out in a standard eighth brick footprint and achieves peak efficiencies over 92%.  It includes remote sensing of the output voltage.
  • Thermal Protection Reference Design of IGBT Modules for HEV/EV Traction Inverters
    The TIDA-00794 reference design is a temp sensing solution for IGBT thermal protection in HEV/EV traction inverter system. It monitors the IGBT temperature via the NTC thermistor integrated inside the IGBT module. It provides thermal shut down to the IGBT gate drivers once the NTC thermistor temperature rises above the programmed threshold. The design includes the IGBT isolated gate drivers: isolation to the high voltage: NTC signal conditioning: Load resistor: and I2C interface to the MSP430: which enables the design system to run independently under high power ratings.
  • Reference Design Maximizing Signal Dynamic Range for True 10 Vpp Differential Input to 20 bit ADC
    This reference design is designed for high performance data acquisition(DAQ) systems to improve the dynamic range of 20 bit differential input ADCs. Many DAQ systems require the measurement capability at a wide FSR (Full Scale Range) in order to obtain sufficient signal dynamic range. Many earlier reference designs for SAR ADCs have used the THS4551 FDA (fully differential amplifier). However: the THS4551 is limited to a 5.4V maximum supply which is not sufficient for realizing the true 10Vpp differential output (10V FSR) required to maximize the dynamic range of SAR ADCs with a 5V reference. This reference design explores the benefits of a true 10Vpp differential output by implementing TI's new THS4561 FDA which has a maximum supply of 12.6V. You will see that this design was able to achieve superior performance to the previous design (TIDA-01054) while also lowering overall power consumption.
  • 13-V to 36-V in: 12-V 125-mA output power module reference design with 0.1% output voltage ripple
    This e-meter applications reference design implements a synchronous buck converter TPS560430 with high efficiency. The efficiency is up to 91.8% at 18-V input and 125-mA output. The output voltage ripple is less than 0.1% of output voltage. The design is available in a compact form factor with 16 mm × 16 mm and one layer placement.
  • PMP8762 用于消费类电子产品的低线路、宽输入范围 LLC 谐振式转换器 (12V/10A)
    PMP8762 参考设计使用单 LLC 谐振转换器级通过低线路输入电压(100Vac 至 132Vac)提供 12V/10A 输出。该设计的特点是电路成本低、电磁干扰(感应和辐射)小且效率高(满负荷时超过 87%)。该设计使用 UCC25600 谐振转换器控制器及 UCC27702 高侧闸极驱动器来控制 LLC 谐振转换器。
  • 1 Phase AC Input: 5W 4 Rail Outputs Reference Design for E-meter
    The reference design was designed for the 1 phase smart meter application. It uses the UCC28600 quasi-resonant flyback controller to generate four 3KV isolated output rails from an extremely wide input source from 85VAC to 300VAC. The four output rails have independent protections to improve system reliability. The synchronous buck converter TPS560430 was used on the 12V 0.3A rail to generate a 0.1% output ripple voltage for post modules. The board size is 100mm(L)*43.5mm(W)*20mm(H).
  • CC1020EB_REFDES CC1020 评估板参考设计
    The CC1020EB reference design contains schematics and layout files for the CC1020 Evaluation Board. The Evaluation Board serves as a motherboard for the CC1020, CC1021, CC1070, and CC1000uCSP Evaluation Modules. The CC1020EB, connected to a PC running the SmartRF® Studio software, can be used
  • Reference Design Optimizing FPGA Utilization and Data Throughput for Automatic Test Equipment
    The TIDA-01051 reference design is used to demonstrate optimized channel density: integration: power consumption: clock distribution and signal chain performance of very high channel count data acquisition (DAQ) systems such as those used in automatic test equipment (ATE). Using serializers: such as TI’s DS90C383B: to combine many simultaneously sampling ADC outputs into several LVDS lines dramatically reduces the number of pins the host FPGA must process.  As a result: a single FPGA can process a significantly increased number of DAQ channels and board routing complexity is greatly reduced.
  • PMP5239 适用于通信的同步降压 (5V@200mA)
    PMP5239 使用 TPS40021 搭配 NexFET 在 18A 时提供 1.8V,关断时为 3.3V。TPS61027 还在 200mA 时提供 5V 电压。
  • TIDEP0028 Ethernet Powerlink 开发平台
    The TIDEP0028 Ethernet Powerlink development platform combines the AM335x Sitara processor family from Texas Instruments (TI) and the Powerlink open media access control (MAC) layer into a single system-on-chip (SoC) solution. Targeted for Ethernet Powerlink slave communications, the TIDEP0028 al
  • PMP7185 升压,5.0V/0.9A
    具有 5.0V (0.9A) 输出的非同步升压转换器。
  • PMP7024 无光耦合器的隔离型反激式 (6.2V (1A))
    此款反激式无需使用光耦合器,可在输入电压范围为 18 至 28V 的情况下生成 12V (0.6A) 和 6.2V (1A)。

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